Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hey guys! I know I haven't posted in forever... November was such a hectic month for me, and December is looking to be the same. : (

For starters, I got strep throat TWICE in November!! Who does that?! I used to get it every year as a kid, but I'd never gotten it back to back before. And the 2nd time I didn't find out I had it again until I was half an hour from my Mom's house in South Carolina... sort of put a damper on our Thanksgiving plans. I ended up staying at her house while they all went to the big family lunch. But that was okay... I didn't want to get anyone else sick.

I finally started feeling better last week, but I still had a pretty bad cough. So I was really worried I'd cough all the way through the Charlie Brown play... But it went okay. I'll do another post on that soon since it's one of my 101 in 1001 goals. I'm just waiting to get a few pictures from some people.

I'm also behind on my book review posts... I have 3 to do and am already reading a 4th book. Plus I have a huge pile of mail to post! *sigh*

It may take me a while to get to all of those though since, aside from all the Christmas parties, decorating, and gift buying/ wrapping, I'm leaving for SC again tomorrow for several days. Mom had surgery yesterday, so I'm heading up to help out. My step-dad works nights, so I'll be sitting with Mom while he sleeps during the day and driving my little brother to school... stuff like that. (Her surgery went well but she's having trouble keeping food down now, so any prayers would be greatly appreciated!)

I'm also behind on writing my pen pals back, so I apologize if you're waiting on a letter from me. I'll get them out soon hopefully! I'll be sure and take some supplies with me to work on some nice long letters while I'm in SC. : )

And I guess I'll leave it at that for now. Oh, and I haven't forgotten about the giveaway either... I'm working on getting some cute stuff together for the prize. So be looking forward to that too. : ) Hope you all are having a great week!