Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Lovely Mail Day

My mail's piling up on me, so I guess I'll go ahead and post this too ; )

Ok, so I'll start with my outgoing mail as usual. Here are the latest Postcrossing postcards I've sent. There aren't that many... I need to go get some more international postcard stamps!!:

And now on to my latest Swap-bot swap sends. I'll start with my 2nd attempt at an ATC. I actually wasn't that crazy about this one... I got a little crazy with the swirls:

These are two postcards I sent for an "Owl Postcard" swap. The 2nd one is a picture I drew on Paint while I was bored at work... Ha, ha!! : )

And finally, I sent a couple letters to penpals. Here's one... I mailed the other today but forgot to scan it!

Ok, and now my latest incoming goodies! : )  Here are the latest Postcrossing cards I've received, along with a few "beauty" definitions:

I loved the message side of this postcard just as much as the picture side! : )

From Julia in Russia:
"Beauty for me is... experience in the eyes and wide kind smile : )"

Stamp from Estonia

A groovy Kate Beckinsale card I got from Germany

Silvia from Indonesia:
"Well, I guess my definition of 'beauty' is the breathtaking of nature's creation. And this postcard is showing you. That left us to wonder who is the creator of this beauty."

And speaking of beauty, I love this lovely stamp she included : )

From Effi in The Netherlands:
"Beauty is important, but more important for me is the beauty of life. For me that's to be with my kids, friends, ... all the persons that I love. Just being together, being appreciated. Knowing that you and your friends will always be there for each other."

Here are the latest Swap-bot items I've received, starting with some "What the??" postcards:

Weird, right!? Here is the owl postcard I received for that swap:

This is a bookmark I received... It was painted by a "Mouth and Foot Painting Artist." Isn't that crazy?? They did a great job!

This is a beautiful ATC I received from Rachel. She does private swaps if you're interested... Just click on her name for more info : )

Check out this cool envelope Sarah sent me... It's the map from her house to mine. Such a fun idea! : )

And finally, my sweet cousin Summer sent me this after she saw a tweet I sent last week that said, "Opening an empty mailbox is 1 of the worst feelings in the world..." It made my day! : ) I love mail!! And great friends!

And the inside:

And that's it for now! I've slacked a little on my mail because of the move coming up, so hopefully once we get settled in the new house, I'll be on full blast! : )


  1. I am so impressed with all the mail you send and receive! I have done postcrossing for years, but tend to do a lot at once and then take a long hiatus.

  2. Wow those are some pretty cool postcards!! Gosh, I am so bad with writing people - I need to learn from you and be better about that! Love your blog!! :)



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