Monday, January 30, 2012

My Week in Photos

I got a new cell phone two weeks ago (with a much nicer camera on it) and thought about doing a "My Week In Photos" post once a week like I've seen on other blogs. I meant to do my first post back on Saturday but completely forgot! So you're getting last week's photos today... ; )

This was my view Monday and Tuesday as I sat miserable with a stomach virus. Matt was out of town, so I pretty much stayed glued to that chair for 2 whole days. (Chewy didn't seem to mind much!)

This is what's left of the frog toy Chewy got for Christmas. He didn't last very long. : (

This is a picture I took for a swap I'm hosting on Swap-bot. We'll be swapping our favorite writing pens. : )

This was a sweet banner my co-workers made for me at church Sunday. It was my last day working in the nursery. I'm looking forward to going back to church after almost 8 years, but I'm definitely going to miss the kids!

 And those are my pics from last week! Hope you enjoyed them... and I hope I remember to post this week's on Saturday! ; )


  1. I love weeks in photos :) That sounds like such a great swap! I haven't done any swap-bot things in a long time.

    That banner is so sweet!

  2. love the pics.
    hope you are feeling all better!!! :-)

    miss your posts!

  3. Cute idea!

    You've been bloggy-tagged. Go to my blog, copy the Qs and post the answers to your site:


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