Monday, March 19, 2012

30 Day Shred

Another week down... My cruise is in 40 days, so a little over 5 weeks to go! This past week wasn't the best. I stayed with Level 2 on the DVD and did well except for a few of the moves. There are 4 sets of "plank" moves on this level. If you're not familiar with "plank," it's where you get down like you're going to do a push-up, but you put your arms directly under you... Here, I'll find a picture:

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Ok, so that's a plank. For the first round of planking, you start out standing up straight, then bend over and walk your hands out until you're in the plank position, then you walk your hands back up and stand up. For the second round, you start in plank position, then hop both feet in towards your head and back again, keeping your arms still. For the third round, you start in plank, then hop your feet out and in, like you're doing jumping jacks on the ground. Then for the final round, you start in plank, then bend one knee and twist it inward, then back to plank and do the other leg. That one works your abs... You're not doing all these plank moves back to back, but as I have spaghetti arms, that doesn't matter! I can only last a few seconds in a plank without my arms starting to shake, let alone maintaining a plank while doing all that other stuff! So once my arms give in, I switch to moves from Level 1...

Unfortunately, I ran into another issue this week. Tuesday night during my warm-up, I started doing jumping jacks and felt a very sharp pain in my right knee. I worked through it, but my knee was sore the whole next day. That got me a little worried, so I decided to take Wednesday off. (I also didn't feel well in general that day, so that helped my decision...) I think the knee issue may have been from A) working out with all this extra weight, putting more strain on my knees, B) not doing some of the moves correctly, C) being wobbly from poor balance, or D) a combination of all of those. So on some of the lunges, I've not been going down as far to take it a little easier on my knees. That's helped...

I'd like to say that was the only break I took last week, but I'd be lying. When I got home Friday, I was so exhausted that I could barely hold my eyes open, so I just went to bed. Then last night I didn't feel well again, so I was a punk and didn't work out. So I only worked out 4 days last week. I did play golf with Matt Saturday, so I got an extra workout in there... And I guess it helped some, because I lost 2.9 pounds. That basically just covers what I gained last week, but I'll take it! : )

# of Days: 21 
Weight Loss: 5.2 lbs

Inches Lost:
Waist - 1.5
Hips - 1
Thighs - .5

I was running late this morning, so I didn't take my measurements... I feel better today, so I'm definitely going to work out tonight when I get home! And hopefully there won't be any breaks this week! ; )

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  1. keep it up!!! :-) i know you can do it sweetie!!

    my knees bother me with doing squats and lunges so I cant realy do them like id want :-( but i do other things so it all works out i guess. lol

    hope you feel better!!


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