Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Lovely Mail Day

Hello again! I've gotten a little behind on my mail posts (again), but I've slacked a lot on mail lately since I've been so busy, so it's not too bad... Here are some of the latest:


This was for a Mail Art swap on swap-bot

This was for a WTA (winner take all) swap in the Mail Art Group on swap-bot. Everyone that entered had to send the winner two handmade Mail Art envies. The girl who won liked pigs. :)

This was the 1st envie I made for her

And this was the 2nd. I wish my blue sharpie hadn't struggled like it did... I even took several breaks. : (


A pretty hand-drawn envie I received from a pen pal swap. She even decorated the stationery to match the envie. : )

This envie was made using scraps of colored paper and a brown paper bag

This envie was made using a calendar page

Another pretty swap-bot envie

My wonderful hubby sent me this PC when he was in Germany. Maybe one day we'll get to go there together! : )

My friend Jamie brought back this PC for me when she visited the town where they film the TV show Vampire Diaries
 I guess that's enough for now. We had Matt's 30th birthday party over the weekend, so I'll add that to the list of posts I still need to do... Maybe I should take a few days off work to get caught up on everything! (Yeah, right!) As my mother-in-law often exclaims, Sometimes I wish I was born rich instead of so good-looking! ; )

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  1. Such a happy mail day/week. I like your hand made envelopes. The little pig in the first one is so cute. And I like your postcard. It looks just as pretty as the TV show :)


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