Monday, July 2, 2012

Another Lovely Mail Day

Hello everyone! My Monday has been a little disappointing so far, so I thought some mail love might brighten my mood. : )  Here are my recent outgoing missives:

PC sent out from the new Hogwarts park at Universal Studios

My sister, who is not a Harry Potter fan (boo!), asked for a Cat in the Hat PC instead...

Another Dr. Seuss PC... This time for a Swap-bot PC swap

A PC I picked up on our Bahamas cruise

And another

And another... I believe this one went to one of my nieces. Her Mom collects PC's for both her daughters, so she asked me to send them some when I travel. I love that idea! : )

Another cruise PC

And another... I think I picked all these up in Nassau

This PC was for a Bible Verse PC Swap

This cutie was a freebie I received in one of my many thelittlefox orders. I sent it as a Thank You to the creators of Swap-bot. A lovely person set up a swap where you sent 1 PC to the creators and 1 to your given partner where you explain why you love Swap-bot : )

This is what I sent to the creators

And this is the PC I sent out to my partner. She collects map cards.
 And here are my wonderful incoming pieces:

A PC I received from a Swap

Another Swap PC

And another

A pretty PC I received in a Swap

Beautiful flower PC

A letter with lovely stamps I received in a Swap

Cool owl PC

I've been participating in a series of Recipe Card swaps in an Iron Chef fashion... Each week we're given a certain ingredient, and we have to send a recipe that includes that ingredient. This envie was for the Mayo week, and I loved that they put a little pic on there : )

A homemade envie I received for the 1st Iron Chef swap

A PC that was tucked into a swap

A lovely homemade PC for the Bible Verse PC Swap
And that's it for now! I hope you all have a wonderful week and a fun 4th of July! : )


  1. Don't you just love getting mail and fun!!! :)

  2. Your nieces and their mom LOVED their postcards!


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