Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beauty is Catching the Worm

I’ve never been a morning person. Ever since I started driving myself around, I’d usually wake up late, rush to get ready, and either make it to my destination right on time or a little late. No matter where I was going… school, work, Dr’s appointments, parties. One of my old managers sent me an email on one of the days I was late that said something like, “When you’re late, you’re telling your coworkers that you think your time is more valuable than theirs.” I don’t think that’s true at all though. I feel terrible every time I’m late. I constantly beat myself up about it and swear to do better tomorrow. But when my alarm clock goes off, my sleepy side seems to beat my responsible side into submission.

Part of the problem is that I go to bed too late. That is something I can easily fix, so I’m trying to concentrate on that right now. I also set my alarm clock across the room so that I’d have to get out of bed in order to turn it off. (I had a terrible habit of turning my alarm off in my sleep when it was right beside me!!) That’s actually helped a lot. I get up at 5 am with no problem and head to the bathroom. But then since I’m still half-asleep, I end up sitting on the toilet in a zombie-like trance 15 minutes after I’m done peeing… I’m thinking of putting a radio in there though to help with that. Maybe my love of music and tendency to dance to anything with a rhythm will help keep me from my toilet naps…

I would love to be a punctual person. Even an early bird! So it really bugs me that after almost 15 years, I’m still struggling with this. I pray about it all the time. And it’s not just getting up in the mornings… I am a total procrastinator in most aspects of my life. You could probably tell that with how often I blog though. I think one leading cause of it is TV. I could sit in front of a TV all day and be totally content. On a normal day, as soon as I’d get home from work, I’d plop on the couch and catch up on my DVR. And I’d sit there basically until it was time for bed. Actually a little longer (remember, I go to bed too late). Which is why my house is a wreck, my mail pile is a foot high, my books-to-read pile is a yard high, and I’m overweight. : (

So, does that mean I need to unplug my TV? I’d like to think I’d be disciplined enough to avoid that, but I think that might be what it takes. I’m not sure how my husband would take that though. He’s just as bad as I am… maybe not just as bad, but close enough. Maybe I could just tape a sign over the screen that says “Is there something else you should be doing?” that I’d have to consciously move in order to watch something. That may work… I’ll have to try it.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I’m determined to make 2011 the year that I “catch the worm.” If it needs doing, I’m going to do it today… not tomorrow… not over the weekend. My house is going to stay clean. I’m going to be punctual. I’m going to get in shape. I’m going to be the person I feel that God intended me to be. So, feel free to hold me to that!


  1. trying again :-)
    crap. now i forgot what i was going to say...

    anywho- Good Luck. I am not a morning person either so I totally understand where you are coming from :-)

    I said a prayer for you!!!

  2. oh, April, I laughed out loud at 'toilet naps'!

    I read something earlier today about having 'technology fasts' on Sundays. Maybe you could begin by just picking out one day a week to start changing your habits. That way it won't be too hard and you end up just giving up (if you are anything like me!).

  3. good luck with your new year's resolutions! change is hard but so rewarding when you stick with it!

    ps found you via 20sb
    pps i'm your newest follower

    all the best,

  4. I am such a punctual person that sometimes I turn up to things way to early, so I am the exact opposite end of the spectrum, I think there needs to be balance somewhere in between. Goodluck.

  5. Good luck with everything! Anyone who can get up 5 is a hero in my book...even if you're a little late ;)


  6. April!! I love the new blog look, gorgeous, darling!

    I am forever late to work... :) But I'm also one of the few gals who logs on remotely from work and spends another 3 -4 hrs every night plugging away which more than make up for it. lol

    Everything else I am punctual, dare I say... early!!

    Hope you are having a beautiful weekend :)

  7. I'm quite punctual with meeting with people or work and such but with doing things around the home etc I'm a huge procrastinator. I think I sometimes want to do too much that I don't know where to start so I end up doing nothing instead :(

  8. Hi I found your blog via 20sb. Your blog looks awesome! I am a huge procrastinator myself. I really am horrible about it. Both myself and my hubby would rather watch TV and cuddle instead of cleaning or tackle the paperwork, cleaning, or sorting that so desperately needs to be done.


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