Monday, February 7, 2011

Beauty is a Release

Hey y'all. So, after several recommendations, I have finally begun to follow Paige Baker's blog (and twitter) and have loved what I've read so far. Particularly, she has started a 365-day challenge where she'll write a poem every day for a year. I used to write poetry a lot when I was younger... I found it was a great way to vent. Plus I'm much better at portraying my emotions through writing than through speaking. But when I read back over the poems I've written, it's sort of depressing. Mainly because I only ever write them when I'm depressed... or mad. So that got me thinking... what kind of message would that be to anyone who read my poetry on down the road? They would think I am/was just some whiny manic depressant! Which sucks since I like to think I'm a pretty happy person. And so, I've decided to copy Paige and do my own 365-Day poetry challenge. Starting today, I will (hopefully) post a new poem every day under the My Writing tab. And on the slight chance that I miss a day, I'll make up for it the next time i post. ; )

If you decide to check them out, be warned that I don't claim to be a great poet... I just enjoy writing poetry. Some, if not most, of them will probably suck. Especially if I don't feel like writing that day. But hopefully some of you will enjoy reading them. : ) And thanks again to Paige for the wonderful idea! Go check her out if you haven't already...


  1. i think its great!! i don't think id have the motivation to write everyday... :-( i just write when i need that release. i hate reading some of my older poems tho.. they suck!! lol. but then i was young.. so i guess it can be understood! :-)

  2. This is totally awesome! I love that you are sharing your poetry with us. And you know what... it's friggin' good!! It's better than good! I absolutely LOVE "Full Circle of A Daydream". It's perfect. And I can totally relate to "Why". I'm off to read some more :)

  3. Paige is one awesome girl. Love her blo and twitter. :) That's awesome that you are starting your own poetry challenge. I hope it is therapeutic and great!

  4. That was supposed to say love her BLOG not blo. *embarrassed. *mistype


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