Thursday, August 4, 2011

Love the new house... hate the exhaustion

Hi guys! Man, I'm tired... things have been so hectic this week!! But I really shouldn't complain because I'm so happy! : ) The new house is amazing! I love it, love it, love it!!!

I plan on doing a big post about it after things settle down a bit, especially since getting a new house is one of my 101 in 1001 items. ; )  But this'll be just a little update. Sorry... but like I said, I'M TIRED!!

So, we closed on the house last Friday. It went very smoothly, thank goodness! And it didn't even seem like that much paperwork... And as soon as we left the attorney's office, we went straight to Rooms To Go to finalize our new furniture order. That took about an hour or so...

Then we treated ourselves to a late lunch at Moe's (yummy!) and went to the old house to start loading up! A couple of friends helped us get a few loads, including most of the bigger items, to the new house, and we were able to stay there Friday night! : )

Matt took the week off to pack, move, and be there for all the people that would be coming by... Monday the cable/internet guy and the security/alarm guy came. Then Wednesday the furniture was delivered. That was kind of a mess... One item was damaged during transit (the dresser for our bedroom), which I guess isn't too bad. But the living room furniture... Oh my gosh!!! It is way too much for our living room! I don't want to blame my hubby for it, since I thought it would all fit, but he's the one that picked it out. (Ha, ha...) The set came with a couch, a loveseat with a console in the middle, and a chair. And ALL OF IT RECLINES!! So making sure there's foot room for all the reclining, plus a coffee table and end table... not going to happen.

We ended up moving it around at least 5 times, and that stuff was heavy! Especially the loveseat. I'm surprised I can even move today... Matt set it up the way he thought would work best, but I didn't like it. I agree it utilized the space the best, but it was not functional at all. The coffee table was in the middle of the room, where no matter where you sat, you'd have to walk 2-3 steps to reach it.

So right now it's how I wanted it set up... Much more scrunched but much more functional. We may have to end up moving the chair to another room, but we'll see.

The unpacking has been going kind of slow, mainly because I was waiting on all the furniture. But what we need to focus on now is getting everything out the old house. We still have a LOT of stuff to pack up there!! And the renters are supposed to move in on the 15th!!!!! Ugghhhh, that's what stresses me out the most. Just the thought of all that junk, particularly in the basement. But we just need to get in there and get it done.

So hopefully by the end of the month, we'll be much more settled... and I can do a proper post about our new home! : ) I need to do a mail post soon too. I'll just add it to my list! ; )

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