Friday, August 19, 2011

Another Lovely Mail Day

Time for another mail post! I finally went and got some more .98 stamps, so I have some outgoing Postcrossing postcards. Plus I am super excited to say I have a few more pen pals now (Yay!!), so I got to add a few more tallies for that 101 in 1001 goal. But on to the good stuff...

Outgoing Postcrossing:

And a couple of my latest Swap-Bot sends:

The Bella ATC I made

This was for a Mail Art swap

I decided to host my 1st swap on Swap-Bot and went with a "Mail Art For Beginners" theme. I was worried no one would sign up for it, but as of today, I'm #3 on the Top Swaps list!!!! : )

And here are the change of address cards I sent out to all the family:

And now my incoming goodies, starting with Postcrossing:

From Joy in Taiwan: "I think 'beauty' is the warm concern or a sweet present from my best friends. It makes me touched!!"

The cute back of Joy's postcard : )

Lovely flowers from Russia

I love Russian stamps!
From Nadia in Belarus: "Beauty is something that makes you smile! My friends, sun, cat... so many things : )"

Pretty flower stamps

I'm loving all the angel postcards I get from Postcrossing!!

Another pretty flower stamp

Lovely park in Sao Paulo

Weird and awesome stamps : )

And my latest one, from South Dakota
 And here are my incoming Swap-Bot swaps:

The Bella ATC I received : )

A pretty card sent along for a Bookmark Swap

The lovely bookmark I received

Even the stamp was gorgeous : )

This was included in a Say a Prayer For Me swap... So sweet : )
And here are a couple of letters from two of my new pen pals:

From Sara in Italy

From Trina in Ohio
And that's it for this installment. I'm excited about my new pen pals and about all the swaps I'm currently signed up for at!! Until next time... hope you have a Lovely Mail Day!


  1. Such pretty mail!! I especially love the Twilight ones, as I expressed in your previous post :)

    Have a great weekend :)


  2. That's an amazing amount of mail :) And I see you are hosting a great sounding swap. I will definitely think about that one. x

  3. Mail is awesome! You have a lot of really cool mail too ha.!

  4. Oooh very fun things in the mail. I love that bunny girl print. ♥

    - Grace

    P.S. Thanks for visiting my page and shop!

  5. Wow you have a beautiful collection here! So lovely <3

  6. I enjoyed looking at your mail :D

  7. Hello! I am Hazel from North Dakota. Is it possible if we could swap postcards? My e-mail address is Please let me know if you interested to swap with me. Thank you.

    I would really love to have an Alabama map postcard. Please let me know if it's okay to swap with you. Thanks.

  8. Okay, so tell me more about this mail swap and penpal thingy...My kids would LOVE cool postcards from all over the world! My daughter is especially enthralled with US geography.

  9. Thanks for entering my giveaway!! And for all the extra things you did :)

  10. Those little "We've Moved" cards are the cutest!

  11. HI i a wendy graham from swap bot, follow my blog, i so had to comment on this post, coz i did sign up for the mail art swap too, wow 229 ppl in all, that was amazing, BTW my mail is in the mail as we speak, i was too excited to wait, thx for the great swap

  12. Yay for snail mail and pen pals :) As soon as I saw the first Bella card I knew you made it. I thought you made the second one posted too, lol!

    Hope you had a wonderful long weekend sweetie, and a happy summer. So sad the cooler months are here.


  13. I love postcards especially art ones. How do you store or display them? I'd like to figure out a system before I start collecting them. Totem from Swapbot

  14. Beautiful stuff here. Congrats on hosting your first swap. I love swapping!

    By the way, when visiting your site in Chrome, there's a warning message that your site contains stuff from, which distributes malware. That might be scaring some visitors away, so you might want to look into it.

    -Hollychihuahua from Swap-Bot

  15. I can't believe that I was already on your blog and commented on this post :) Now I am also following you, majki from swapbot!


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