Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Lovely Mail Day

Wow, I have so much mail to post! I think I may split it up into two posts to give all our computers a break... Lots of photos!! I've been pretty active on swap-bot these past few weeks... And I'm super happy to say that my "Mail Art for Beginners" swap reached #1 on the Top Swaps List!!! : )

I took this snapshot as soon as it reached #1, but it actually got up to 229 participants! I was very, very excited... I may host one every month now! : ) And without further ado, here are my outgoing missives for this installment:
Direct swap for Postcrossing

For the same direct swap... She was collecting US Map cards

Direct swap for a girl on Postcrossing who is collecting US State Flower cards

This is an ATC I made for an "Add Wings to Things" swap on swap-bot

The other "Add Wings to Things" ATC I made. This didn't scan very well... I drew the background with watercolor pencils and the flower and wings are shiny stickers : )

This is the "Edward" ATC I made for the Twilight Movie series I've been in over the past few months

And this is the "Bella & Edward" one I sent off for this month : )

I drew this peacock for a "Doodle an Animal" postcard swap... I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be black & white since it called for a "doodle" so I left it that way just in case

I found an old plain white envelope and decided to color it to send to Julie over at Penpal of the Week. It turned into a butterfly on the front...

... and a little flower on the back. Not too fancy, but at least it wasn't plain white anymore! : )

I drew this for a "Doodle a Dinner" postcard swap. As you can tell, I decided to use color on this one... That probably would've helped my peacock, huh?! ; )

This is the envie I sent off for my "Mail Art for Beginners" swap... A little weird, but I liked it ; ) What do you think of my butterfleyes?

I guess I'll save all my incoming goodies for my next post. There are a whole bunch! : )

Have you gotten anything lovely in the mail lately?


  1. Congrats on making the number 1 spot on Swap-bot. That's awesome. I haven't been on there for awhile now.

    Plus you have lots of lovelies that you sent out!

  2. #1 spot on swap-bot way to go hun! I'm really happy for you.


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