Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Lovely Mail Day

Ok, this is Part 2 of my latest mail load... And it looks like I'll need to split it up again! I've gotten sooo much mail lately. Isn't it wonderful!? : )

So I guess on this post I'll list my incoming Postcrossing, Penpal, and Etsy orders... And the next post will include all my latest Swap-bot goodies. So here goes:

These two were the direct swaps I got for those map cards I sent : )

This was another direct swap from Jennifer in the US, who also gave me her definition of "beauty:"
"I thought long and hard about beauty, and basically what I came up with is beauty is LOVE. I know that sounds generic but the things I find beautiful, you may not. It just depends on our own perceptions and how much we enjoy the look or sound or the feel of something."

Does this one look familiar? It should... I got another just like it from a different Postcrossing send! : ) Guess it's a popular card in Belarus...

The pretty Belarus stamp

This cutie was sent to me from my lovely penpal Sarah. Go check out her blog!

These adorable little cards were from an Etsy order I placed with the wonderful Gracie. You can visit her Etsy shop here and her blog here. : )  These scans don't do them justice at all though... you should definitely order some to see how cute they are in person!!!

This one has a tiny envelope attached to the front of it that has a little surprise inside : )

And she even included an envelope and matching stickers with each card... So adorable!!!

These are a few of the different sheets of stationery I received from the order I placed at Julie's Etsy shop. You can visit her shop here and her blog here. I love both!!

The pretty Canadian packaging ; )

This was another stationery set I ordered from Julie. So precious!!

And more pretty Canada stamps

She included this little info card, so I thought I'd share... Give her a visit! ; )

 And that's it for now! Until next time... Have a great weekend! : )

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