Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday

Yes, I know it's Thursday. ; )  I weighed yesterday morning but didn't get around to posting about it... Busy day. And when I got home from church, I just crashed.

AND I just realized I didn't do a Weigh-In Wednesday last week. To be honest, I don't even think I ever weighed in. Wednesday afternoon, a realtor called and asked to show our house (that's been on the market over a year!!!) the next day, so the rest of my day was spent making the house spotless... or close to it, anyway. So, I have no idea how I did last week, but this week I lost 4.4 pounds. Yay! : )
This week: -4.4
Total: -7
Total weeks: 6
Avg. per week: -1.17

I still haven't been working out every day like I'd prefer, but I've really enjoyed the Wii Zumba when I've done it. I always get a good sweat going, and it's a lot of fun! (Even though I look like a big goober doing it, I'm sure...) Plus I've been trying not to snack throughout the day, so I'm sure that's helped.

My goal for this week is to work out EVERY DAY and lose as much as possible (in a healthy way) before my big party next weekend!! I'm going shopping with my sis Anna this coming Monday to find a dress for the party, so hopefully that'll be a fun experience and not a depressing one... ; )


  1. holy cow you are doing awesome! I am doing so bad>.< I have been exercising every day for the last month. BUT It has boosted my hunger MEGA a ton. Seriously I am so hungry all the time:( I have resisted a lot. But I am up a few pounds. BOO. I hope you have a great day!

  2. Congrats!! Sounds like you are on track, and I am so glad to hear you are doing it in a healthy way.

    Have an awesome weekend!

  3. This is wonderful. And keep on going with it and I know you will get to where you want to be.

    P.S. Thanks for the award :)


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