Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday

Wow, I'm actually posting this on a Wednesday... can you believe it!? ; )  And I didn't even weigh in last week. But I haven't worked out at all, so that's probably why I forgot. If I had worked out, I would have been anxious to weigh in...

And since you know I haven't worked out, it won't surprise you to find I gained this week. It may surprise you, though, to find I only gained 1 pound. I'll take that... I deserve a lot worse. : (

This week: +1.1
Total: -9
Total weeks: 13
Avg. per week: -0.7

Awe man, I dropped below 10 pounds. Ughhh... I seriously need to get motivated!! Ok... even though I have church tonight and won't be home until probably after 9, I AM GOING TO WORK OUT!!!!!! And tomorrow, I have book club... but I WILL WORK OUT AFTERWARDS!!!!! I just have to stop making excuses and start making time to exercise.

I keep making these ideal situations in my mind... like if I get up at 5, I can do a 20 minute workout and still have plenty of time to get ready for work. And then I can head to Curves after work. But then I wake up late, and I just decide the whole day's a bust so I'll try again tomorrow. : (

I have to stop thinking that way, or I'll never lose this weight! And I need to stop trying to concoct ways to motivate myself and just do it!!!

So here's to hoping next week's post will be a lot less frustrated and a lot more excited!! : )


  1. I think we all go through those frustrations with working out. Mine is a daily thing. But I commend you for wanting to keep going no matter what and for wanting to change your mind set. x

  2. Woohoo, loss of nine pounds, awesome!

    I wrote about you in my post:

  3. I think 9 pounds is pretty awesome! I am trying to lose weight too. Thanks for your comment on my blog a couple of weeks ago. Glad you like my blog name! I tried so hard to think up a good name for it, and then one just came to me! Have an amazing day!



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