Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday

Yet another Weigh-In Wednesday on Thursday... I weighed yesterday morning, but never got around to posting it. And yet again, I missed last week's weigh-in. Such a slacker!!

As far as my goals from my last post, I did work out when I got home from church that night. But Thursday night I had the worst headache... I didn't even go to book club. So I didn't work out that night... or any other night since. : ( But I have been watching what I've eaten. I've been trying to eat a big, healthy breakfast, a medium-sized lunch, and a small dinner. Usually just a sandwich or bowl of cereal. And I think it's actually paying off! : ) In fact, even without working out, I lost 1.3 pounds. Yay! : )

This week: -1.3

Total: -10.3
Total weeks: 15
Avg. per week: -0.7

Back up to 10 lbs lost! Woot, woot! ; )  Soooo, my goals for the next 7 days will be to work out EVERY DAY and to keep watching what I eat. And to weigh in and post the results on Wednesday!!

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  1. Congrats on the 10 lbs lost and for not giving up when you felt bad:) You are doing great! I have found that my snacking in between meals was a large part of my problem. Now that I am managing that better, tracking my meals, and just walking 20 minutes a day, I have been more successful in my journey back to my healthy weight.


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