Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Lovely Mail Day

Tons of mail over the past couple of weeks... mostly postcards. And I also joined a site called Swap-bot. So fun!! They have all kinds of swaps, but I've stuck to smaller ones while I get accustomed to the site. : )

I'm also really looking forward to The Happy Mail Project over on Gracie's Blog. Go check it out if you love mail like me!!

Okay, here are my latest outgoing pieces. These all went to Postcrossing Peeps:

On its way to Russia

Making its way to the UK

Virginia bound

Monkeyed its way to Belarus

Late for a date in China

Sent to the Netherlands

This one was requested for a direct swap to Belarus

And these are Swap-bot swaps I did this week. The 1st was just a single postcard of my choice to one person. She liked to read, so I thought she may enjoy this cute postcard I got from The Little Fox's etsy shop:

And this swap was called "What The??" I was to send 5 postcards to 5 people (1 each) where the postcards were weird ones that you would probably never send to anyone... These are the ones I chose:

I'm sure you're all super jealous that I didn't send you the horndog or tapeworm postcard, right!?! ; )

And here are some wonderful items I've received lately:

Super cute postcard from the super cute Gracie :)

This lovely postcard was sent to me for a "Favorite Quote Postcard Swap" hosted by Gracie. My swap buddy was the talented Angela. Thanks again for the awesome postcard... I love it!! :)
And this was the quote she sent ;)

I believe this one came from a direct swap on Postcrossing...
Postcrossing from Russia

Beautiful stamps from Russia

This cutie was a Postcrossing sent from a Taipei Flora Expo

This sweet card was a Postcrossing sent by Martijntje in the Netherlands, who also sent me a beauty definition:

"My definition of beauty is, not the way you look like, but who you are. I personally find beauty in my dog's behaviour and not to forget the eyes of my husband."

She also sent these awesome stamps... Thanks again Martijntje!! :)

This sweet postcard was a Postcrossing from Finland. Love the angels!

"The World's Largest Dump Truck" was one of the "What The??" postcards from Swap-bot :)
"What The??" #2

"What The??" #3... Love the owls!!!

And I guess that's it for this installation... I've already signed up for 5 more swaps on swap-bot, so I should have another post soon. Maybe I should start calling these "Another Large Mail Day" instead! ; )

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  1. I love mail posts :) I'm so glad you liked the postcard. The Littlest Fox is one of my fave shops.

    I think it's cute that you are sending lots of swap-bot postcard swaps. x


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