Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another Lovely Mail Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Matt surprised me this morning with the cutest white owl figures. I'll save a pic for my Week in Photos post this weekend. ; )  He came to my office for lunch, and we're going to a banquet tonight for dinner. Lots of yummy seafood! Can't wait! : )

But now on to some mail. I'm still really behind on these, so don't be surprised to see things from several months ago... (I know, I suck!)

I think I'm farthest behind on incoming goodies, so I'll just post those today. Enjoy!

Some cute stickers from a Swap-bot swap

Love the Hershey Kiss stamp!

I think this was doodled on an envelope and I just thought it was adorable :)

A pretty handmade bookmark I received in a swap

Love the polka dots and stamps on this one!

From a Mail Art swap. Can't go wrong with a chocolate bunny theme! ; )

Another Mail Art envie... I loved this one! In case it's too tiny to read, around the lady it says, "Officer? I'm calling to report ugly mail art. She's wreaked havoc on the zip code..."  Ha, ha!

The back of that one (I didn't think it was ugly at all! I loved it!!)

A Halloween Mail Art swap (See, I told you they were old!)

Cute owl stickers on a card I received

Pretty elephant stamp from Thailand

Cool vintage stamps. Gotta love James Dean!

Pretty Postcrossing Postcard

Another swap-bot letter

Pretty card inside : )

A lovely package I received from the wonderful Gracie

Beautiful Australian stamp

One of the lovely postcards Gracie sent me. I had mentioned to her how much I adored these on one of her blog posts... She's the sweetest! : ) (It came from this Etsy shop)

And I think I'll leave it there for now. Sorry this was so picture heavy... I still have quite a few posts to catch up on my mail, so please be patient with me! : )

And I hope you have an extremely lovely Valentine's Day, whether you celebrate it or not. Any day that celebrates LOVE is alright by me!


  1. I need a sugar glider stamp!! I used to have one as a pet and loved it! :)

  2. Happy mail is always great! I should send you a postcard sometime! If you'd like :D

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment! You do have a very beautiful smile and I wish I lived closer so that I could join you and your girlfriends in your bible study called "So long, Insecurity" :D

    Happy Valentines sweetie!!


  3. Lovely. Glad to see that you are getting so much mail :) Also I'm glad you liked the post card. I love getting her postcards. Plus she's from my city so it's even better to support her. x

  4. Speaking of lovely mail days, I had one today! I received my present from your giveaway - thank you. I made a post about it and it'll go up on my blog Monday. Thank you!!


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