Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Week in Photos

As of yesterday morning, I had only taken 1 picture this week... But Matt and I attended our first Supper Club of the year with some of our church buddies, including Lisha of Everyday Adam and her daughter Lauren of not your everyday cinderella, and I took a few pics to make up for it. During church last Wednesday, Matt and I were in a skit where Matt played an old man/bowler and I played a sort of dumb valley-girl type. I meant to take a pic of us then... Matt in his hat, glasses, and Hawaiian shirt and me in my side-ponytail and bright peace sign earrings... but I forgot to. : (  Oh well. Here are this week's photos:

One of my favorite times of year... Girl Scout cookie time! : ) I was a little bummed that they changed all the cookie names (except thin mints) but they still taste the same!

The lovely table Lisha set up for Supper Club. I'm hosting next month. : )

Sydni and Lauren

The yummy baklava Dan made
So I remembered to post this time but forgot to take pictures throughout the week... hopefully this week I'll do both! ; )


  1. Super club sounds ideal!! Happy weekend :)

  2. Interesting about the cookie names - they must have changed bakeries again! Peanut Butter Patties are the cookies I sold in elementary school as a Girl Scout (I was a GS for 12 years and we went through a few cookie name changes, mostly due to bakeries). At least the cookies are still going to taste good. Although I admit, after 12 years as a Girl Scout I pray nobody comes knocking asking me to buy cookies. I just don't love them.

    That baklava looks amazing. I'm glad you took a few pictures this week!

  3. Baklava!!! My favorite. There's a new Greek place around here that sells the most amazing Baklava for a dollar a piece! Oh my god!

  4. I love baklava! My mum loves it too. It's so delicious. I'm sure the skirt was great and that you guys looked awesome.

    Thanks for the tag. I will try and do it sometime soon. x

  5. mmmmm... looks yummy!!!

    supper club sounds fun... i might have to consider doing something like that... :-)

  6. Supper club sounds like so much fun! I gotta do that with some of my friends!

    I tagged you in today's post! Make sure you check it out! :)


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