Saturday, February 4, 2012

Monthly Goals: February 2012

Hey Guys! I saw this over on My So-Called Chaos and thought it was a great idea! Miss Angie set up a Linky Party so we could all share our monthly goals with each other and support one another. I make goals all the time, but regretfully procrastination and a busy schedule often get in the way of me reaching them... So maybe if I start posting them on here and have someone to hold me accountable I'll finally get them all done! : )

You're supposed to start out by reviewing your goals from the previous month to see how you fared, but since I'm just joining this I don't have any from January... So here are my February goals:

  • Finish unpacking the office
  • Hang at least 3 things on the walls (which are still bare except for a clock over the fireplace)
  • Lose 8 pounds (a healthy 2 pounds a week)
  • Drink more water
  • Catch up on my penpal replies
And I think I'll leave it at that for this month. So what are your goals for February? Do you want to link up with your goals too? Click on the link below, and check out My So-Called Chaos for more info.

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  1. Oh man, I am SOOOO sorry I missed this somehow before. You are totally awesome for linking up with me though.

    So how did you do on these goals? I'm so curious! I totally sucked... lol

    The March linky is up-and I included information about a prize I'm giving away that you already have one entry for. :D


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